PVPS journal articles from the last 20 years

Spider Jerusalem's classic poseSo I promised articles from the last 20 years that indicate that the incidence of new onset, chronic pain after vasectomy is much more common than the CUA will acknowledge.
So here’s the journal articles.  I’ve included all the articles I’ve curated over the last year.
To start, we’ll look at the CUA vasectomy guideline.


Vasectomy Reversal research:

Other stuff:


3 thoughts on “PVPS journal articles from the last 20 years

    1. crankycoder Post author

      This really isn’t discussing the issue of PVPS at all.

      PVPS is usually defined as pain lasting > 3 months and is persistent.

      I’ve heard from some men who complained about pain for weeks – and while I am sympathetic, that kind of pain is perfectly normal for patients recovering from vasectomy surgery.

  1. Geert

    I am one of those guys with a two year long aggraviating scrotal pain started almost immediatly after the vasectomy. I would give an 6 or 7 on the VAS. Oh boy did I eat painkillers!!
    After two years i have had an vaso vaso. I am still very greatfull to the surgeon 😉 Still, pain isn’t gone completely. A two hour drive in my car or bloody hot weather still give some sort of testicular pain but I seldom use painkillers anymore and it rarely keeps me out of sleep. Before the vaso vaso I woke up sereveral times at night from the pain. So I went healthy in hospital and came out sick! So much for the old Hippocratic oath. (or do they mean hypocritical oath?)

    Thanks for all the good work. Hope urologist read and……act. And I am not very hopegull for that since it makes good money. Slice a little and earn a lot……

    Greetz from Holland, Geert


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