Letter: Chronic testicular pain following vasectomy

Letter: Chronic testicular pain following vasectomy

Chronic testicular pain following vasectomy.
McConaghy P, Paxton LD, Loughlin V.
PMID: 8800919

This, along with JAMA 1984 is probably the most cited source for the 0.1%->0.25% occurance rate for chronic post-vasectomy pain. You can find an example citation in UpToDate v19.2

You go ahead and read it. The 0.1%-0.25% range doesn’t exist anywhere in the letter. Maybe you think it’s in the full text of the actual study: “Intra-vas deferens bupivacaine for prevention of acute pain and chronic discomfort after vasectomy“. Nope. Not there either.

The deep irony here is that the only mention of the occurance rate is a reference to McMahon 1992 which describes 33% of patients find chronic testicular pain to be troubling.

Oh, and JAMA 1984 doesn’t contain anything like 0.1% or 0.25% either.


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